Healthethon | How Its Works

How Does It Work

There Are Many Ways To Step Up

Be A Force For Health For Yourself And Others.

Here Is How You Can Get Involved

Participate In A Campaign:

  • Get the app and start your Active Learning expedition using Health eThon.
  • Earn Health eCoins for walking and learning.

A Force for Health member may decide which campaign to participate in and have their points count towards the goal. They may do it on the web site under Participate or in the app on any given day they can click on Share it in the menu and then pick from the the list accessed in the upper right corner of that page.

One point or “HealtheCoin� is earned for each video viewed, and One Point or HealtheCoin is earned for every 1000 steps walked.

Support A Campaign:

  • Have money or marketing skills? Support a campaign by donating to the cause immediately
  • Pledging, which means donating only if the goals are reached
  • Promoting, which means sharing invitations to join the campaign via social media or email to others.

Start A Campaign:

  • You design the goals and objectives and hope to get PARTICIPANTS and SUPPORTERS.
  • There is a set up fee for a campaign of $25.
  • The HealtheThon site charges 5% of any campaign funding to support this program.
  • When $1250 is raised by the campaign, the set up fee is forgiven.

Sponsor A Campaign:

  • You have money or other prizes you will donate for a campaign goal you have in mind.
  • Please contact us to discuss.

Have questions? Just ask:

Bring Light To Your Plight

Raise money while enforcing healthy behaviors.